Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Material or Spiritual

Life is a precious thing that can be taken in a blink of an eye. A lot of times though we take life for granted. We try to make the most of our lives doing what ever we want to do. We can strive to make all the money we want, so we can buy that brand new sports car or that $150,000 house. Those things are material things though we tends to focus on the material things instead of focusing on things that truly matter.
We are so material minded, in fact that we spend all, or most, of our time using material things (phones, computers, vehicles, money, and the list goes on). What happened to the time where families were dependent upon each other and so focused on God that material things were the farthest things from our mind. What happened to bring spiritually minded instead of material minded?
My life was drastically changed here recently and I been thinking about how fragile life actually is. I was pulling out of the work parking lot when the lug nuts for my tire snapped in half and my tire ended up on the other side of the road. I was nearly hit by a passing semi. I could have lost my life but instead, had a wake up call and realized life is fragile and precious and that it can easily be taken from you before you know what's happening. It was then I realized material things don't matter as much as my relationship with God and family. Cherish what you have. God is the most important "thing" you can have" and family is the second. Instead of being material minded, let's become more spiritually minded and see that the most important thing is right in front of us.