Thursday, January 17, 2013

Willpower to Trust (part 1)

Job was a man who trusted God in everything he did. One day, Satan

went to Jesus and told him that if he were allowed to take everything from Job he would curse God.

Jesus told him to do with him what he wills but he could not take his life. Satan took everything

from Job. He took his children, made him sick and did everything he could without taking Job’s life.

Did Job curse God?
Something similar happened to a man who lived in the 1800s – his name was Horatio Gates

Spafford. Who is Spafford? Did the Chicago Fire have an impact on him and his family? Why did he

write, “It is Well with My Soul?” Spafford lived in trialing times. Would he curse God or praise


Who was Spafford?

Born on October 20, 1828 in North Troy, New York, was a handsome little boy, whose name was Horatio Gates Spafford. Once he became a man, he received a wonderful and successful job. Also, he married an exceptionally attractive woman. In addition to marrying a gorgeous woman, he also had a wonderful family. Eventually, his job lead him to Chicago where he and his family lived for a while. Horatio Spafford practiced his successful job for many years.

Becoming a man, Spafford received a job as a lawyer in Chicago where he practiced successfully for many years. In fact, he was so successful that he eventually invested in downtown Chicago real estate, along the shores of Lake Michigan. He married the love of his life at age thirty-three. His bride’s name was Anna. Although they were newlywed, they had four beautiful daughters one year after their wedding. They named their girls Annie, Maggie, Bessie, and Tanetta. In Chicago, Horatio became a well-known lawyer.

Horatio married the love of his life and she was very beautiful. Unfortunately, before Horatio and Anna were wed, Anna dealt with many tragedies. As a child, she lost her mother and her brother in a cholera epidemic. She nursed her tubercular father until his tragic death and working and lived on a farm in Minnesota where many Indian raids threatened their safety. Anna questioned, “Where was God when my family and I were suffering?” (pg. 16 well with my soul) In following weeks, Spafford diligently explained her position, challenged her reasoning and guided her to a lasting faith in God. After they married in 1861, they had four gorgeous daughters whom they loved very much. In 1861, Horatio married the love of his life, Anna.

When were their four daughters born? Anna, who was the first child, was born in 1862. In 1864, their second child, Maggie was born. Their third child Bessie can in 1866. Happily their youngest child Tanetta, as beautiful as a princess, was born in 1871. They loved and adored their girls with all their hearts.

Horatio Gates Spafford was born in 1828. Happily, he became a great and honorable Christian lawyer. In addition to becoming a lawyer, he married the love of his life in 1861. A year after their marriage, his wife, Anna, delivered four beautiful and wonderful daughters. Their lives were to change too soon. What event affected their family?

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