Monday, January 21, 2013

Willpower to Trust (Part 2)

Lose All

The Great Chicago Fire affected many people. Did the Great Chicago Fire affect the Spafford family? The fire greatly impacted the whole city because it destroyed many homes, jobs, and property. Deciding to take a much-deserved vacation, the Spafford family experienced some technical difficulties before leaving. Did Horatio travel with them? If not, why?

One day would change every hope and dream of Spafford. Unfortunately, the summer of 1871 was extremely hot and dry. Being successful with his job, Spafford heavily invested in real estate. Shortly before the Chicago Fire, they suffered the tragic loss of their young son, only four, of scarlet fever. Because of a fire, the property was brutally destroyed. The fire left the sadly and brutally town in ashes. Spafford’s hopes and dreams were changed forever. The fire affected the family greatly. The family needed a vacation.

Following the fire the family decided to take a much-needed vacation. Receiving a letter from a man whose name was Dwight Moody, the family made the decision to join him in Europe and help Moody with his mission. Family decided it was time for a needed and deserved rest. Happily, the family began packing and getting prepared to leave. While packing, something would come up and change their plans. The family was preparing to take a very deserved vacation. Before leaving something would happen.

 Following the fire, just before leaving, Horatio Spafford was informed of a meeting about result of the Great Chicago Fire. Regrettably, Spafford was required to stay and attend the meeting or he would lose everything he invested in so heavily. Wanting his family to take the much-needed vacation, Spafford. sent them on ahead. He stated, “I will join you as soon as I can.” Little did he and the family realize they would experience an eternal change for the worse. Spafford was informed of a meeting about the Fire of 1871 before leaving for vacation.

The Great Chicago Fire affected the Spafford family greatly. Upon receiving a letter from Moody, the family decided to take a well-deserved rest. Sadly Spafford could not travel with them because a meeting came up and Horatio was informed that if he did not attend the meeting he would lose all of his property.

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